About the Challenges

On 13 March 2017, I turned 40.

It’s really no big deal. Well, at least I don’t think so. I just like a birthday and if everyone else wants to make it a special birthday because I reached a round number then all to the good. Particularly so because two very nice people what I know also thought that being 40 would be a good milestone to set me a challenge.

In fact, 40 challenges.

40 challenges to be completed in 40 weeks, if we are to be precise about this.

A little background on these chaps. One is 16 and a sensible chap on the surface but the giddiness runs closer to the surface than you’d think. He does a mean impression of Louis Spence, loves football and has never read a book in his life (maybe). The other will be 14 in a couple of months and is my favourite kind of peculiar, the sort that leaves you scratching your head but makes you feel warmer knowing that he exists. Both, great kids and great blokes. However, I am a little concerned that most of what they have challenged me with will be dangerours, unacheivable or plain humiliating.

But , I decided to take them both up on whatever they’ve put in the box and to take a new challenge each Monday and do my absolute level best to complete in within the 40 weeks. It is my belief that only be completing these challenges will I actually become a grown up; after all, it takes 40 weeks to gestate a human so it (kind of) makes sense that by 18th December, I will finally become an adult.

Wish me luck….


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