Challenge #1

13 March 2017

My actual birthday and I am a pretty giddy goat it has to be said. I’ve been awake since 2.30am this morning when I woke (because of my old bladder) but failed to go back to sleep. Yes, I was excited. Yes, I wanted baked beans on toast and a cup of tea. Yes, I wanted to open my presents.

Anyway, I waited until 6am until I could legitimately wake the small creature that lives with me. She was just as excited as I was and together we ploughed through the trough of gifts that I was lucky enough to accumulate until we got to ‘The Box’.

I don’t mind telling you that I love a challenge so this is right up my street and is certainly one of those gifts that keep on giving. And so, without further ado, my first challenge is….

Try and beat the Guinness World Record for ‘Amount of Toast eaten in under one minute.

And there it is. My first challenge.

SO. I have checked with the isn’t currently a category for JUST toast but there IS a category for FRENCH TOAST as well as one for the fastest time to eat a slice of toast.


In the interests of doing things properly, I therefore accept the challenge of attempting to set a new world record for:
– eating 6 slices of French toast in a minute
– eating 1 slice of toast in less than 8.47 seconds

world record. eating toast, fast toast eating

The time to beat for stage two of my first challenge. Eat a slice of toast in under 8.47 seconds to bring the record to the UK.

AND applying to Guinness World Records for a new category of ‘Most amount of toast eaten in 60 seconds’.
Watch this space….