Challenge #3: Wearing the Wardrobe

So this week’s challenge brought a smile to my face, not only because it sounded like instant fun but because I knew I could definitely achieve this one.

Challenge 3 is:

Wear 25 pairs of socks, five pairs of pants, as many trousers as you can put on and 20 shirts; then leave the house twice wearing them all.

Needless to say, I knew who had set me this challenge even without the tell-tale, illegible scrawl (it took me twenty minutes to decipher it and I’m not sure it’s 100% right, even now).

So, I waited for Molly to come home from school as I knew I’d need some help this afternoon.

The dressing up took half an hour and I’m not sure which way round to suggest anyone starts this process if they were to try and repeat it but I started with pants and trousers which made me look seriously chubby – entertaining but made it very difficult to bend down and do the socks.

By sock pair #17 I was definitely wishing I’d sorted them into size order before starting. The last four pairs only fit over my toes instead of my whole foot but they made it on.

Next, the shirts and I actually don’t own 20 shirts so I had to add waistcoats and a polo shirt to make up the numbers. By the 13th, I was wholly reliant on (a now close to wetting herself) Molly to assist. Finding the arm was becoming increasingly hard.

By now, I couldn’t feel my toes and my butt was beginning to sweat but I made it downstairs without incident.

With Molly on camera phone, we ventured out down our road and was amused to find that people were indecisive as to whether to smile or avoid us. I would have done the latter.

Interestingly, I could barely walk at a pace above a crawl and felt fat, unfit and unstable….so much to look forward to.

Anyway, job is done. I can now feel my toes again and my first challenge 100% done. Tick and Tick and, maybe, Boom!!



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