Challenge #2: Fix ‘tat

So, the second week of my 40th year and I get to open a new challenge…having legitimately been able to put Challenge #1 on ice for a few weeks….

Challenge #2 is:

“Get one of your terrible tattoos covered up and fixed on ‘Tattoo Fixers'”

Well, I am in two minds how I feel about this one. I’m not a fan of tattoos anymore having had five terrible ones in the past and now regretting them all. I’m not saying that tattoos are terrible, I just wouldn’t want any more.

tattoo fixers challenge
Tattoos. Love em, or loathe em, they are here to stay….unless you have a spare grand to have them lasered off….

I had one tattoo removed about five years ago using 10 sessions of laser treatment; with each session costing £95, removing the tattoo cost me 20x more than the original price to have it inked on….badly! Not only that but it hurt like hell and took 6 months before it was gone and even now I can still see a shadow of it.

So, even though I don’t like tattoos, I still have four of the buggers left and there is no way I am spending £5k to get them removed. Now, three of them, I don’t actually mind that much as they are all of a similar theme being symbols and inked in black but I do have an awful tattoo on my right shoulder blade which I’ve always hated. ALWAYS.

The head of a black panther pawing its way out of flames, this tattoo was an impulsive decision to annoy a girlfriend I had at the time. I was 18 (just) and she really wanted a tattoo of a panther and as it would be her first, we’d agreed to go together though I wasn’t planning on getting anything done.

Anyway, we had a row a few days before we were due to go and I stormed off to the tattoo parlour and paid for the largest panther tattoo I could find. Petulant and impulsive behaviour? I know! THAT’S SO unlike me.

And that was that. Ever since, I’ve had this awful tat on my back, the redeeming feature of which is that I can’t see it. I’ve almost forgotten that I have it until I go swimming or take my shirt off in the summer and someone else points it out. I do hate it; always have, always will and if I could afford to have it lasered off….I would.

So, when I picked up my challenge yesterday it got me thinking, ‘If I would laser off whatever was there when I can afford to anyway, could I cope with a better tattoo to cover it?’.

Answer? Yes.

So, after sleeping on it for 24 hours, I’ve decided to take up this challenge and have written to the producers of Tattoo Fixers to apply to be on the show.

But what would I have instead?

Well, anyone who knows me knows that I have a fascination of all things Icelandic and I would be pretty happy with some form of Nordic runes or Viking Compass but how this would be done is beyond me.

Those guys are geniuses so I am sure they would find a way but I do like the look of this one…

Image result for viking compass tattoo

As with Challenge #1, the next part is up to someone else so I’ll let you know if they get back to me.

Would quite like a challenge next week that I can complete in one day so I can at least get one of them under my belt.





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