The challenge of turning 40….

So, in three days time I will turn forty and, if I’m really honest (which I usually am), I’ve not really been that bothered about the whole ‘age’ aspect of it. It seems that a lot of other people are and the ribbing began in earnest even a year ago. Jokes about turning grey, going bald, needing glasses and being OLD all felt, sort of, standard, typical and lacking in imagination.

If I was born in the Pirahã tribe then I wouldn’t have a word for my age. A Brazilian tribe that doesn’t use numbers, they use the phrases ‘enough’ or ‘not enough’ to indicate their wealth or any quantities. So, in response to the question, “How old are you?”, I would simply say, “plenty, but not enough”.
How old? Plenty not enough, thanks for asking!

So, I haven’t been feeling any ‘dread’ about turning forty and only a little reflective about this year being a ‘milestone’. I’ve only been feeling rather excited about the fact that because other people like to mark things in tens that I get special treatment…which began a few weeks ago with forty presents.

Though it’s unlike me to embrace the idea of delayed gratification, I did want to save them all for my birthday but, of course, that hasn’t happened. I’ve been opening one or two every few days and enjoying the build up to what feels like a birthday month. I’m being spoiled at every turn with offers of lunches, nice deeds and extra special treats plus surprise gifts and cards from some unlikely sources.

So, even though, I’m not yet forty…I am feeling the birthday vibe as the weekend gets ready to kick off.

More so, because I half opened a present this week which I am really excited by.

THE box of challenges….I’m so tempted to look but really shan’t

Two special people that I know have created a box of 40 challenges to be completed in 40 weeks during my 40th year. The brain child of two lads with great imagination, a unique perversion of what is ‘acceptable’ or ‘achievable’ behaviour becoming of a 40 year old man, this box could contain ANYTHING. I haven’t opened it yet but I decided I would start a blog to document what could be an interesting journey.

So, whilst I doubt very much that Monday will bring ‘enough’ maturity or ‘too few’ treats; I do know that I can expect another 40 weeks of ‘much’ entertaining challenges.

Thanks boys.

Oh, but this freaked me out…apparently what I will look like in twenty years….

Me in twenty years


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